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    International Baccalaureate

    Emotional Support

    We are a group of creative and successful IB educators committed to improving education. We understand that everyone is a learner from the moment they are born, and we understand how to design classrooms and lessons where everyone can thrive. We know how to reach out to children and teens, and how to inspire, support, and educate them.

    We, as IB specialist educators, advise parents to seek resources that can help kids who are coping with stress, trauma, and other mental health concerns as the world continues to engage in serious discussions about school safety and servicing the mental health needs of young people.


    We will continue to build tools around social-emotional learning in the coming months, and we will support school teachers and parents in helping their pupils regulate their emotions, cope with stress, reduce the effects of harmful influences, and access mental health support.

    We want teachers, learners, and parents to feel supported as learning continues to adapt to changing circumstances. It is critical to always look after your physical and mental health, but especially during times of change. Our IB tutors do a variety of things to help students manage their worries and motivate them to return to formal teaching, including maintaining a daily schedule. Learning experiences may differ from those previously had, and new learning behaviors may take time and require assistance. Remember to take time to speak, share, and reflect as a group.