International Baccalaureate

Diploma Programme

The Diploma Programme (DP) of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) curricular structure is a program for students in their final two years of secondary school aged 16 to 19. Leading universities all over the world hold it in high regard. International awareness, university readiness, and service learning are all hallmarks of the program. These characteristics are combined with a consistent emphasis on critical thinking, academic writing, and subject-specific rigor.


At IB Scholars, we build children who:

  • Have a broad and deep knowledge base
  • Learn a minimum of two languages
  • Grow physically, academically, emotionally, and ethically
  • Achieve academic success in classical subjects
  • Take the program's one-of-a-kind theory of knowledge course to learn more about the nature of knowledge

These characteristics are combined with a consistent emphasis on critical thinking, academic writing, and subject-specific rigor. Students in the Diploma Course study six subjects, three at the Higher Level and three at the Standard Level. Students must select one topic from each of the five groups, ensuring that they have a diverse range of experiences in languages, humanities, experimental sciences, and mathematics. The student may choose an arts subject from group 6 as their sixth course, or another subject from groups 1 to 5. Higher Level courses feature a variety of modules that allow students to go deeper into the subject and get more specialized knowledge. Students also study the IB Core, which gives them a unique opportunity to develop their abilities and experience.

IB DP students must fulfill three ‘Core' requirements in addition to the six topics (three at Standard Level and three at Higher Level):

  • Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS): acquiring new talents, leading healthy lifestyles, and contributing to the local society as global citizens.
  • Theory of Knowledge — critical reflection on various modes of knowing and areas of knowledge.
  • Extended Essay - a piece of research-based writing while honing academic writing abilities in preparation for undergraduate education.

The DP is regarded as one of the finest standards in university preparatory education around the world. Over 1,000 schools and universities across North America have laws governing how they consider it in admissions, scholarships, advanced standing, and college credit. Our students have been admitted to top schools such as the Ivy League universities, Oxford, Delft, Cambridge, University of Toronto, UCL, Kings, McGill, Imperial College, ETH Zurich, and others.

Students taught at IB Scholars graduate as competent, resilient, informed, committed, and able adults, ready to face the rigors of university and beyond.

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