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    International Baccalaureate

    Best IB French Tutoring in Tbilisi

    In the world, French ranks 2nd after English in terms of the number of native speakers, and 5th in terms of a number of learners. IB Scholar’s stupendous tutoring in Georgia is the best for anyone taking the IB French examination.

    A highly competent IB French tutor is presented at IB Scholars in Georgia. There are two versions of Language B (SL/HL): language ab initio (SL only) and language B (SL/HL). Language B is for students with a straightforward understanding of the language, while Language ab initio is for those without any prior knowledge of the language. Students should gain the obligatory skills as well as an understanding of the subject from an intercultural viewpoint in order to be able to communicate effectually wherever the language is spoken.

    IB Scholars offer French courses to IB students. All of our tutors speak French natively and possess pertinent experience. Our French language program is offered in small groups as well as one-on-one. IB Curriculum requirements are met in the French Language classes. When students have difficulty with writing, listening, vocabulary, essays, or exams, the French teacher ensures that they are given ample assistance.

    You can learn French for a variety of reasons. The art, architecture, design, dance, and theatre of fashion, and theatre are all spoken in French around the world. French is a great language to learn for its great literature, films, and songs. You won’t have any strain learning French.

    A substantial percentage of the vocabulary used in English is derived from French, making French a valuable language to learn along with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. There are many international organizations for which French is both an official language and a working language. It is an advantage in the job market for students to be able to speak both English and French.


    Personalized Learning

    Group tutoring is a cost-effective and time-efficient method of learning. To make studying more effective, our skilled tutors assess each student's topic knowledge demands and learning ability. Unlike in large classrooms, the teacher devotes his or her complete attention and time to students in small groups.

    Expert IB Tutors

    A thorough selection process is used to identify our highly trained and experienced IB tutors. Every one of our tutors has years of expertise instructing students in a classroom setting. They have been thoroughly evaluated for subject matter knowledge and teaching abilities.

    Interactive And Time-Efficient

    Group tutoring allows students to have classes at a predetermined but convenient time and from the comfort of a real classroom, allowing them to save several hours of idle time. Students who are traveling outside of the city can take online lessons at any time and from any location.