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    International Baccalaureate

    Intensive Retake Programme

    Do not get too worked up if you did not get the grades you expected. You are not alone, and we are here to help any student who wants to retake the IB Diploma tests in order to better their marks. Students in the IB DP program can repeat as many academic subjects, as well as the core components, up to three times.

    However, it is recommended that we re-tutor the student. Being taught rigorously and diligently for retakes can be highly beneficial for students. The original school is unlikely to do this, thus the best option is to attend IB Scholars tutoring sessions for a significant improvement in the final grade.


    Our Retake programs with qualified IB teachers provide a significant benefit since excellent IB education is delivered in small class sizes, allowing students to focus on final review in the weeks leading up to their exams. The frequency of sessions ensures that students are engaged throughout the course, a minimum of 12 hours per week, with intensive exam-focused study highlighting areas and topics of improvement, with the added benefit of allowing each student to tailor their own learning. IB Scholars’ expert tutors are all former IB instructors or examiners, able to assist students through an intense, focused 2-month learning and revision program while assuring each student’s success.

    Prepare for the November retests by enrolling in a two-month intensive classroom tutoring program with skilled and experienced IB teachers. Up to 12 hours of instruction each week with experienced IB teachers in a traditional, tried-and-true classroom setting. With structured guidance, you get expert help that will boost your grades this November.

    Personalized Learning

    Group tutoring is a cost-effective and time-efficient method of learning. To make studying more effective, our skilled tutors assess each student's topic knowledge demands and learning ability. Unlike in large classrooms, the teacher devotes his or her complete attention and time to students in small groups.

    Expert IB Tutors

    A thorough selection process is used to identify our highly trained and experienced IB tutors. Every one of our tutors has years of expertise instructing students in a classroom setting. They have been thoroughly evaluated for subject matter knowledge and teaching abilities.

    Interactive And Time-Efficient

    Group tutoring allows students to have classes at a predetermined but convenient time and from the comfort of a real classroom, allowing them to save several hours of idle time. Students who are traveling outside of the city can take online lessons at any time and from any location.

    IB Retake Programme

    • 50 classes
    • Upto 5 subjects
    • Validity: 3 months

    IB Retake Programme

    50 Classes