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Tbilisi IB PYP tutors at IB Scholars are experienced and trained. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 follow the PYP curriculum from the IB. Students are able to investigate local and global issues and opportunities through this curriculum by thinking for themselves. These students benefit from our IB PYP tutoring services. Children in the IB program are encouraged to grow academically and outside of the classroom. Instructors of the IB PYP program have expertise in teaching according to the IB framework. Activities and inquiry are hallmarks of this curriculum.


Five basic elements make up the PYP:

  • The traditional subjects of language, math, science, social studies, the arts, and PE represent knowledge (both disciplinary and transdisciplinary).
  • A structured inquiry that has students investigating topics both within and outside of academic disciplines to achieve a cohesive, in-depth understanding.
  • During their education and outside of the classroom, students build and use a wide range of skills.
  • Learning attitudes that are directly related to the IB learner profile and contribute to global awareness and well-being for individuals and communities.
  • Engaging in successful inquiry to contribute to the well-being of people and communities in a responsible, intelligent, and appropriate manner.

Students can develop these five characteristics and leave our PYP tutoring program equipped with them to succeed academically and in life. In a fun, relevant, and challenging way, our IB PYP instructors help students sharpen their minds. Each PYP module is broken down into three parts. First is the written curriculum, which outlines what young children will learn over the next five years. Tutoring guidelines are provided for teachers in the second section of the taught curriculum. In the third section, which explains how the PYP curriculum is assessed, you will find a listing of assessments.

PYP students complete a complex collaborative project known as PYP display during their last year of the primary program. Students from the PYP collaborate in this exhibition to explore real-life societal concerns. The PYP tutors can also use this display to assess students’ knowledge and learning, as well as their ability to solve real-life problems.

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