International Baccalaureate


The CAS project incorporates several CAS strands by engaging students in a collaborative project (creativity, activity, and service). A CAS project must be completed in order for the program to be completed. In terms of participation in collaborative projects, the project’s major objective is to promote growth. The CAS project will take over a month to plan, start, and finish.

Educators need to remember that creativity plays a crucial role in daily life. At IB Scholars- The best IB Tutors in Tbilisi, students are encouraged to reflect and think critically.

  • Take up cooking
  • Take up knitting
  • Make a short animation video
  • Design a video game
  • Make homemade candles
  • Join a zumba class
  • Go mountaineering
  • Try horse riding
  • Try breakdancing
  • Go on a yoga retreat
  • Volunteer for an animal shelter
  • Volunteer for a local hospital
  • Campaign for better recycling facilities
  • Volunteer to tidy-up the neighborhood
  • Learn to perform first aid and CPR

Our IB experts will be able to suggest you find more things to do that will help your CAS project.

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